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Croeso i Gymru - Welcome to Wales

If you are visiting Wales then why not experience the satisfaction of learning to speak a few useful phrases from the Welsh language - possibly the oldest living language in Europe.

Click here to hear

To aid with your pronunciation, this page features audio recordings of Welsh being spoken. Clicking on the relevant orange speaker symbol will display a small pop-up window that allows you to listen to the whole phrase or even individual words.

Should the phrases fail to appear within the pop-up window, then you need to download the required plug-in.

Below a few phrases we hope you will find useful on your trip:


General Conversation


Thank you.

Esgusodwch fi.

Excuse me.

Os gwelwch yn dda.


Bore da!

Good morning!

Nos da.

Good night.


(You are) welcome.

Dim diolch.

No thank you.

Prynhawn da.

Good afternoon.

Noswaith dda.

Good evening.

Iechyd da!

Good health (Cheers)!

Rydw i'n dod o America.

I'm from America.

Mae'n braf iawn!

Its (the weather is) very fine!

Rydw i'n dysgu Cymraeg.

I'm learning Welsh.


On Your Journey

Ble mae'r orsaf rheilffordd?

Where is the railway station?

Beth yw amser y trên?

What time is the train?

I ble mae'r trên yn mynd?

Where is the train going?

Dau docyn i Llandrindod plês.

Two tickets to Llandrindod, please.

Ga i eistedd yma?

May I sit here?

A oes safle bws gerllaw?

Is there a bus stop nearby?

Pwy mor bell yw hi i'r dre?

How far is it to town?

Oes toiledau yma?

Are there any toilets here?

Oes banc yma?

Is there a bank here?



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